Memorial evening for People’s Artist of the USSR Alexander Pavlovich Kibalnikov

A memorial evening dedicated to People’s Artist of the USSR, Alexander Pavlovich KIBALNIKOV took place on February 15, 2010, at the exhibition SHADOWS OF FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS.

Art Director of Ardena Gallery T. E. Panich opened the meeting. Others, who spoke of the great national sculptor, the author of monuments to Vladimir Mayakovskiy and Pavel Tretyakov in Moscow, the monuments to Sergei Yesenin in Ryazan, to Nikolay Chernyshevskiy in Saratov, monumental complex to the Soldiers Fallen in the Great Patriotic War in Brest Fortress, were:

  • People’s Teacher of Russia Maria Andreevna Komleva
  • Moscow Sculptor Vyacheslav Piliper
  • Mrs Valentina Alexandrovna Kibalnikova.

Margarita Siourina read the first version of the petition letter to the authorities to perpetuate the memory of A.P. Kibalnikov and to celebrate his centenary in August 2012. The pressure group approved and signed the petition letter; it was also decided to supplement it with reference materials and introduce some improvements.

Sculptor V. Piliper had started to work on his version of a tombstone to A.P. Kibalnikov to be installed in Novodevichy cemetery; he invited Valentina Alexandrovna Kibalnikova to his artistic studio for the first viewing of his work.

Within the next few days, Margarita Siourina collected signatures of the pressure group members who could not take part in the memorial evening on February, 15. Among others, the Group was joined by:

  • Honoured Artist of Russia, President of International Academy of Culture and Arts Piotr Timofeyevichch Stronsky
  • People’s Teacher of Russia Maria Andreevna Komleva
  • People’s Artist of Russia, sculptor Vladimir Sourovtsev
  • Daughter and heiress of People’s Artist of the USSR A.P. Kibalnikov, Ms Valentina Alexandrovna Kibalnikova.

On February 15, the Great Fast started.