The exhibition SCULPTOR VISITING SCULPTOR will be opened in the Ryabichevs’ Art Studio

On the 6th of December, 2012 in Moscow, in the Ryabichevs’ Art Studio (10 A, Svetly Proyezd), the exhibition SCULPTOR VISITING SCULPTOR dedicated to the memory of the great sculptor Alexandr Pavlovich Kibalnikov will be opened.

This year it is 100 years since the outstanding monumentalist sculptor Alexandr Pavlovich Kibalnikov was born.

Publishing the Album ‘Alexandr Kibalnikov. Chronicles of Life and Creativity.’ was timed with this significant date, as well as the large scale exposition ‘In Memory of the Great Artist’ in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts (November, 2012).

The large scale Project is going on. The exhibition ‘Sculptor Visiting Sculptor’ will be held in Art Studio of Dmitriy and Alexandr Ryabichevs. Works by Alexandr Pavlovich Kibalnikov (bronze, plaster) from the collection of his daughter, Valentina Pavlovna Kibalnikova, will make the exposition along with photos included into the Album ‘Alexandr Kibalnikov. Chronicles of Life and Creativity.’, which are also presented at the exhibition.

dedicated to the memory of the great master
Alexandr Kibalnikov


Is to be opened on
December 6, 2012, at 16:00

To obtain accreditation, please contact:
Margarita Siourina, Project leader, (+7 916) 245 24 32
The Ryabichevs’Art Studio, (+7 926) 524 12 47

Валентина Александровна Кибальникова, дочь скульптора предоставила для издания книги и выставки уникальные документы, архивные материалы, фотографии, произведения из личного собрания и авторские статьи – свои воспоминания и очерки о знаменитом отце.

For the exhibition and the book, Valentina Pavlovna Kibalnikova, the sculptor’s daughter, has presented the unique documents, archive materials, photographs, pieces of her private library and her articles: her reminiscences and essays on her famous father.

The project leader to combine the exposition and publishing the Album was Margarita Siourina, the artist, corresponding member of the IACA.

Margarita Siourina in her editor’s afterword for the Album about the sculptor: “…It is obvious, that such an alloy of rare stills from the library and texts deserves a more complete edition and more copies. We assume it will happen in future, and now in the year of Alexandr Pavlovich’s anniversary, we are happy to present to a serious reader and spectator a modest chamber edition made by hands, mind and hearts of few people loving their Motherland”.
Although the Album included only some of the archive materials telling of life and creative career of Alexandr Pavlovich, the authors coped with the task of conveying the greatness of his talent, the essence of his deeds; they tell the readers not only of the master’s destiny but of the great epoch and remarkable contemporaries of the sculptor.

The book was presented at the exhibition ‘In Memory of the Great Artist’ in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of RAA MSASL, displaying the works by A.P. Kibalnikov form Valentina Alexandrovna Kibalnikov’s collection, from collections of Russian museums, and works by contemporary painters and sculptors who carry on the best traditions in art.


About the Sculptor

Alexandr Pavlovich Kibalnikov – the Peoples’Artist of the USSR (1963), Lenin Award (1959) and two Stalin Awards (1949, 1951) laureate, full member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR.

Alexandr Kibalnikov was born on the 22nd of August 1912 in settlement Orekhovo, Stalingrad Oblast’.
In 1929 – 1932, he studied at Painting department of Saratov Art Technical School, then moved to Moscow.
Alexandr Kibalnikov is the author of the monuments to N.G. Chernyshevskiy in Saratov, to V.V. Mayakovskiy in Moscow, to A.N. Radishchev in Saratov, the author of the Memorial Complex “Brest Fortress, the Hero” in Brest (together with с A.O. Bembel’ and V.A. Korol’), the monument to P.M. Tretyakov in front of the Tretyakov Gallery, bust of Mayakovskiy in Mayakovskaya Metro Station, tombstones to V.V. Mayakovskiy, N.F. Pogodin, and to brothers Vasilievs at Novodevichy Cemetery.

In 1963 – 1966, Alexandr Kibalnikov was the Chairman of the board of the Moscow Artists Union of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

Alexandr Kibalnikov died on the 5th of September 1987. Buried in Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow; above his burial place a tombstone was erected.

From materials for the
Album ‘Alexandr Kibalnikov. Chronicles of Life and Creativity.’:

Margarita Siourina, the artist, corresponding member of the IACA, project curator:
“I should confess, this edition as well as preparing the exposition dedicated to Alexandr Pavlovich Kibalnikov in the Museum Halls of Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts, has demanded of us truly museum insight and administrating when working with the distinguished sculptor’s heritage. We all did out best to perform our work sincerely and honestly – it is a rare case when Fate lets us touch Eternity…”


About the exhibition venue

The Ryabichevs’Art Studio

The story of the studio dates back to 1967 and to the name of Dmitriy (Daniil) Ryabichev, a renown sculptor of our days, Peoples’Artist of the USSR, laureate of State Prize of the USSR and of International Prize of UNESCO. Many monumental compositions for Russian cities and worldwide have been created; among others being the monument to 14 Turkestan Commissars (in Tashkent), sculptural ensemble ‘Fortitude’ (in Tashkent), dedicated to the city inhabitants’ courage who restored their city after the earthquake; sculptural ensemble in Kolomna, dedicated to feat of arms of Kolomna warriors who had perished in the Great Patriotic War; Memorial to Siberia warriors in Omsk, monument to citizens who manned the barricades in 1905 in Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow, and many others.

Later, Alexandr Dmitriy Ryabichev’s son, who has been the project team member since 1980, inherited the Studio.

Alexandr Danilovich Ryabichev, member of the Russian Union of Artists, Moscow Section, laureate of International Prize of Javaharlal Nehru, creative groups’ leader (Creativity House in Pereslavl’-Zalesskiy, 1985-1987), member of Commission on Monumental Art at Moscow Municipal Duma (2000 – 2004), co-author of the monument to Indira Gandhi in Bhubaneshwar (Orissa, India), ‘Friendiship Forever’ monument (Moscow, Russia), author of the monument to Dmitriy Ryabichev in Denkendorf (Bavaria).

Today, the Ryabichevs’ Art Studio carries on the traditions of the place founded by Dmitriy (Daniil) Borisovich Ryabichev. In the Studio where the sculptor’s son Alexandr and his daughter Daniela (a student of RAA MSASL) work, art exhibitions, creative gatherings and workshops are held; for more than half a century since the foundation the family have been working on creating monumental and smaller scale sculptures.