Opening of the Exhibition IN MEMORY OF THE GREAT ARTIST in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts

On the 15th of November, 2012 in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts, exhibition IN MEMORY OF THE GREAT ARTIST commemorating centennial of Sculptor Alexandr Pavlovich Kibalnikov was opened.

Guests and participants of the exhibition met in the Conference Hall of Moscow Art Lyceum.

Head of Museum and Exhibition Halls E.N. Kondrashyna greeted the artists and the visitors.

Director of Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum and Vice President of the Russian Academy of Arts A.G. Yastrebenetskiy opened the exhibition.

Alexandr Grigorievich spoke how important were the creative works of Russian masters of art of older generations, specifically mentioned an exquisite and clever layout of the exposition.

Margarita Siourina, the curator of the exhibition, painter, led the opening; she told about preparation of the event at the RAA MSASL MEC, how several people formed the pressure group to push the project, about visits to other Russian cities, negotiations with museums, printing over seventy large-scale images for the exhibition.

Honoured Artist of Russia, academician, the President of Creative Union of Artists of Russia Konstantin Vasilievich Khudiakov spoke on remarkable contribution of the great sculptor Alexandr Pavlovich Kibalnilov to the national art, and congratulated everybody upon the event of the exhibition.

Director of the N.G. Chernyshevskiy Museum-Estate in Saratov Galina Platonovna Mourenina spoke about the monument to N.G. Chernyshevskiy in Saratov, told about the exhibition held in the Museum in August 2012 “My works are in Streets and Squares” dedicated to the centennial of the People’s Artist of the USSR, academician, sculptor A.P. Kibalnikov. Director of the Museum from where a A.P. Kibalnikov’s work – a sculpture portrait of N.G. Chernyshevskiy – had been placed at the exhibition at the RAA MSASL MEC, highly appreciated the professional level of the exposition in the Lyceum.

Representative of Saratov Monument Protection Association, Honoured Worker in the Culture of Russia L.I. Bakhareva shared perspectives in popularisation of the remarkable sculptor A.P. Kibalnikov’s name.

President of IACA, Honoured Artist of Russia P.T. Stronsky focused at powerful impact of Alexandr Pavlovich Kibalnikov’s art, at the importance of holding such exhibitions. Piotr Timofeyevich presented the diploma certifying the title of Academician of the IACA to the Director of the N.G. Chernyshevskiy Museum Galina Platonovna Mourenina; and diploma of the IACA corresponding member to Elena Nikolayevna Manova, Chief Curator of the N.G. Chernyshevskiy Museum in Saratov.

Honoured Worker in the Culture of Russia, Chairman of Russian CURA VRB V.D. Kroutskevich has also been awarded with the title of corresponding member of the International Academy of Culture and Art; V.D. Kroutskevich had been among the initiators to open the Memorial Museum of A.P. Kibalnikov in Orekhovo.

Unfortunately, Vasiliy Dmitrievich couldn’t come to the exhibition opening for health reasons and his certificate was handed over to Vladimir Victorovich Kibalnikov, the nephew of the outstanding sculptor, who had been actively assisting the Project implementation.

From Moscow artists, sculptor V. Piliper and graphic artist G. Zhivotov took the floor; from Volgograd artists – P. Zlobin and V Dobrynin. Senior secretary of the Tretyakov Gallery magazine N.I. Voiskounski spoke on necessity to fund such monumental projects on the governmental level.

Valentina Alexandrovna Kibalnikova addressed those gathered with a closing word. She thanked all the visitors, participants who had displayed their works, and the creative team who had arranged this exhibition for kind memories of her father, the great sculptor of Russia.




Documentaries and photo materials on the great master were demonstrated at the opening: