Opening of Exhibition IN MEMORY OF THE GREAT ARTIST A.P. Kibalnikov in the Picture Gallery of V.O. Fomichiov in Saratov

On August 8, 2013, in the Picture Gallery of V.O. Fomichiov in the territory of the Museum-Estate of N.G. Chernyshevskiy, exhibition IN MEMORY OF THE GREAT ARTIST Alexander Pavlovich Kibalnikov opened in Saratov for the third time.

In exhibition halls of the Aedems’ Outbuilding (the Museum-Estate of N.G. Chernyshevskiy) the following works are presented: sculptural portrait of Vladimir Mayakovskiy created by A.P. Kibalnikov from Valentina Alexandrovna Kibalnikova’ collection, portrait of N.G. Chernyshevskiy from the Museum’s holdings, large-scale photos of opening of the monument to Chernyshevskiy in 1953 in Saratov, and those of opening of the monument to Mayakovskiy in 1958 in Moscow.

Stepan Mokrousov, a well-known Moscow artist, displays at the Exhibition a sculptural portrait of N.V. Gogol, and a work of his teacher, Moscow sculptor Iraida Markelova, Portrait of M.Yu. Lermontov. Artists from Moscow and Volgograd exhibit the portraits of Russian writers and poets: Margarita Siourina presents graphic portraits of Mikhail Bulgakov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Pavel Zlobin – the portrait of Sergey Yesenin, Vladimir Dobrynin – the portrait of Nikolay Chernyshevskiy, Stepan Mokrousov painted impromptu on the graphics by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

For the exhibition in Saratov, G.V. Zhivotov, the Honoured Artist of Russia, has created in graphics three portraits of the outstanding masters of art, Saratov citizens: D. Tsaplin, K. Petrov-Vodkin and A. Kibalnikov.

The family of Yevgeniy Nikolaevich Troshev, the Honoured Cultural Figure of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Professor of Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, presented fine portraits of the artist in paint from the epoch of the 60s.

Tatiana Gorelova, a well-known Moscow artist, exhibits her two large-scale works in paint: ‘The Fair’ and ‘April’. The theme of merry folk fests is further reflected in the works by Irina Kalganova, a Volgograd artist, and that of the noisy and colourful capital – in the painting by Yelena Stroyeva and in pioneering collages by Nataliya Mezhnikova.

At the exhibition, the theme of Volgograd Cossacks is revealed in graphic sheets by Yuriy Shchetinin.

P.T. Stronskiy, the Honoured Artist of Russia, exhibits in the Picture Gallery of V.O. Fomichiov his landscape paintings, V.D. Kroutskevich, the Honoured Cultural Worker, presents a series of watercolours depicting A.P. Kibalnikov’s native countryside.

‘The Medveditsa River’ and ‘Oriekhovo Village’ from V.A. Kibalnikova’s collection, the landscapes of A.P. Kibalnikov’s native countryside painted by Yevgeniy Ivanov, a Saratov artist, are displayed in show-cases; graphic and painted portraits of A.P. Kibalnikov by artists from Saratov, Volgograd and Moscow are exhibited on the walls of the Gallery.

The theme of active creative serving the motherland, the theme of high principles and aspirations threads through both the exhibition and the overall Project IN MEMORY OF THE GREAT ARTIST Alexander Pavlovich Kibalnikov. And notwithstanding the diversity of expression planes, creative methods and styles of the artists who displayed their works in the frameworks of the Exhibition Project, any visitor of the event in Saratov IN MEMORY OF THE GREAT ARTIST in the Museum-Estate of N.G. Chernyshevskiy will feel immediately: here is the place where people love and honour the past, the present and the future of Russia.

With equal passion, artists have established it either in a portrait of a Russian writer, or in an image of a soldier’s mother, or in a fruit-bearing apple-tree, or even in heavens: they have drawn and painted just one and the only word that can save our exalted technological world…

Serving the beauty – this is the mission for creative people.

Margarita Siourina



Video: Vasiliy Siourin,
Cut and edit: Tatiana Uspenskaya

Many warm-hearted thanks for cooperation to:

Galina Platonovna Murenina, Director of the Museum-Estate of N.G. Chernyshevskiy;
the Museum staff:

    • Jannet Georgievna Sapozhnikova,
    • Yelena Manova,
    • Irina Semionova,
    • Pavel Poslushayev,
    • Yelena Rizayeva,
    • Vasiliy Cherevkov, Saratov artist