The Creative Union of Artists of Russia presents exhibition project THE PORTRAIT OF RUSSIAN FINE WORD

On the 4th of October, 2014, at 18:00, the THIRD EXPOSITION

«No, I'm not Byron; I am yet another choice…»

dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov

Exhibition Hall «COLOURIT» in Malaya Dmitrovka Str., 24/2, 2d floor
from October 4 to 25, daily, 12 – 20 hr

The famous poetic line of Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov «No, I'm not Byron; I am yet another choice…» made the title for the third exposition of THE PORTRAIT OF RUSSIAN FINE WORD Project to emphasise again the main idea of our exhibition project: to present comprehensively the tradition of Russian Culture to the public as expressed in literature, painting, in plastic arts. For, as Yuriy Beliaev, the President of Academy of Russian Literature, has put it in his choice and imaginative phrase: «the Russian culture flows into our common, Eurasian culture», as the Volga mother-river does and so makes one of the most powerful, original and striking streams that manifests the culture on our continent.

Exhibition Project THE PORTRAIT OF RUSSIAN FINE WORD is expanding and developing with every day; the number of participants has doubled: today, over thirty Russian leading artists and sculptors has expressed their desire to take part in our exhibitions. People who are deeply interested in the theme of Russian literature, impressed by the Great and Powerful Russian Language and those ingenious individuals by whose might our native fine word was created, keep producing the striking, original and imaginative works of art.

The names of our participants speak for themselves and confirm everything mentioned above: everybody without exception who presented their works for the first exhibition held in Marina Tsvetaeva Memorial Museum last August are also displaying their works now, within the third exhibition of the Project.

Sculptor Alexander Kibalnikov, People’s Artist of the USSR,
Gennadiy Sevostianov, People’s Artist of Russia,
Sculptor Iraida Markelova
the works of these outstanding masters are presented at this exhibition by their heirs.

A.P. Kibalnikov
Portrait of V.V. Mayakovsky, 1953

G.K. Sevostianov
Boldino Autumn, 2001

Iraida Markelova
Portrait of M.Yu. Lermontov


One of the most active and concerned participants of the exhibition is
Honoured Artist of the RF Gennadiy Zhivotov,

Gennadiy Zhivotov. Portrait of Marina Tsvetaeva


Vladimir Belan, Tatiana Gorelova, Alexandra Zagryazhskaya, Margarita Siourina, Daniela Ryabicheva, Ekaterina Uspenskaya, Ksenya Chernomor.

M.Yu. Siourina
From the Series "Cloud-Thoughts",
Mikhail Bulgakov, 2013

M.Yu. Siourina
From the Series "Cloud-Thoughts",
Vladimir Nabokov, 2014

M.Yu. Siourina
From the Series "Cloud-Thoughts",
Anna Akhmatova, 2014

V.A. Belan
Title page to the novel by F.M. Dostoevsky "The Idiot"

Daniela Ryabicheva
The Night Before Christmas

Ekaterina Uspenskaya
Illustration to the novel byV.V. Nabokov "Lolita"



Alexey Loptev, Stepan Mokrousov, Vyacheslav Piliper, Alexander Ryabichev.

Stepan Mokrouso
Portrait of M.Yu. Lermontov

Alexey Loptev
Portrait of Lermontov

Vyacheslav Piliper
Portrait of Lermontov

Alexander Ryabichev
«Solitude. Iosif Brodsky», composition


The artists who’ve been just in time to join the first exhibition held in the museum are Sergey Pogoreliy and Natalia Nedelkina.

Natalia Nedelkina
"Elizaveta Dmitrievna
(Cherubina de Gabriak)", portrait

Sergey Pogoreliy
"Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy", poster


The works of all these remarkable artists and sculptors have been displayed at out exhibitions, highlighted in announcements and commentaries: the Project has aroused immense interest among people of culture and art of the capital.

At the second exposition of the Project in the Ryabichevs’ Creative Art Studio that had a great success last September, new artists and sculptors joined our Project:

Yuriy Beliaev, President of Academy of Russian Literature, poet and artist,
Anatoliy Kulinich, Honoured Artist of Russia,
Elena Borzykh, artist
Alexey Gorbushin, artist and sculptor
Margarita Yurkova, artist
Nikolay Naumov, sculptor.

Alexandra Zagryazhskaya
Sirin and Alkonost Birds in the Apple Garden

The Round Table Meetings held last September at the Creative Art Studio of sculptor Alexander Ryabichev proved to be very fruitful and helped to reveal a number of new interesting themes within the Project, like Russian Word of the Great Patriotic War Time suggested by artist Margarita Yurkova who presented the portrait of the former front-line soldier Platon Socratovich Afanasiev «Vers Libre», by artist Elena Borzykh who displayed «Portrait of Staretz (old monk) Nikolayevich Gurianov» and hence opened the new theme «Russian Fine Word and Orthodoxy». Artist Alexandra Zagryazhskaya demonstrated at the exhibition her three ornamental panels «Birds of Paradise»: «Sirin Birds», «Gamayun Bird» and «Alconost Bird» to offer the theme «Slavonic Tree of Russian Word»; while original sculptural portraits by Nikolay Naumov «F.M. Dostoevsky» and «N.V. Gogol» from his project «Inner Life» looked in place with the works of traditional Moscow school of painting, the works by Tatiana Gorelova, stating once and again that the real art is not afraid of diversity of styles, it just disclaims shallow formal statements and dilettantism.

Margarita Yurkova
«Vers Libre»,
portrait of poet Platon Socratovich Afanasiev, the veteran of the Great War»

Nikolay Naumov
«N.V. Gogol. Inner Life», composition.

Elena Borzykh
«Staretz (old monk) Nikolayevich Gurianov»


Today at the third exhibition held in «COLOURIT» Exhibition Hall in Malaya Dmitrovka Street, we are happy to greet you and present the new participants of THE PORTRAIT OF RUSSIAN FINE WORD Project.

Igor Khamrayev, a well known sculptor, medallist and artist has presented his sculptures for the display: «Boris Pasternak» and «Anna Akhmatova» along with his painting «Lermontov and Vrubel»; Alexander Lavroukhin, the artist working in symbol-sign style, is exhibiting his graphic sheets, illustrations to prose and poetry of Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov.

Igor Khamrayev
«Boris Pasternak» and «Anna Akhmatova», sculptures

Alexander Lavroukhin


Undoubtedly, the exhibition would be truly decorated with the works displayed by:
Honoured Artist of the RF Valeriy Ryabovol, a famous Russian graphisist, Chairman of Graphics Section of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia,
Honoured Artist of the RF Nikolay Chibisov, a well-known Russian icon-painter, Chairman of Religious Art Section and Vice-President of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia,
Honoured Artist of Russia Anatoliy Smolenkov, a distinguished Russian sculptor, Chairman of Sculpture Section of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

Valeriy Ryabovol
«A.S. Pushkin»

Valeriy Ryabovol
«Oranienbaum. Chinese Palace»


Icon-painter Lyudmila Chibisova is displaying her Icon «Nikolay the Miracle Man»; artist Pavel Borisov – his paintings «Tripple Portrait» and «Writer of Fables», the portrait of Ivan Andreevich Krylov; artist Alexander Klochkov – his work «A Nook in the Studio». A well-known artist Anatoliy Kretov-Dazhd who works in graphics to illustrate the texts by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, is displaying his graphic sheets from the series «Wight Nights» and «Poor Folk».

Anatoliy Kretov-Dazhd
Graphic sheets illustrating the works by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
from the series «Wight Nights» and «Poor Folk»


At the exhibition, artist Elena Stroyeva will present graphic sheets to the poems by Yunna Moritz from the series of graphics «Bouquet of Cats», thus opening another new theme in our Project – the theme of Russian literature for children. Sculptor Vladimir Chibisov is bringing to the visitors’ attention «On the Mountain Path», an expressive plastic solution of the image associated with Lermontov’s «Mtsyri» poem.

Well-known sculptors Gennadiy Krasnoshlykov and Vladimir Kolesnikov are presenting Pushkin theme at our exhibition – they will both display the sculptures of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin; artist Konstantin Malyutin will exhibit a drawing «Iosif Brodsky», and artist Leonid Kozlov will demonstrate the portraits of Mikhail Lermontov and Alexander Pushkin.

Konstantin Malyutin
The Poet. The Portrait of Iosif Brodsky

Well now, THE PORTRAIT OF RUSSIAN FINE WORD Project keeps on with its big trip over exhibition halls of Moscow; we are waiting for all creative and concerned people of Russian culture at the opening of exhibition «No, I'm not Byron; I am yet another choice…».

On the 4th of October 2014, at 18:00, in Malaya Dmitrovka Street, 24/2, Exhibition Hall «COLOURIT».

Again, we are asking Russian artists, sculptors, art critics, directors of exhibition halls, galleries and museums of Moscow to join our Project.

The Project has been highly appreciated by the staff of Marina Tsvetaeva Memorial Museum in Moscow and personally by Esther Solomonovna Krasovskaya, the Director of Marina Tsvetaeva Memorial Museum who applied directly to Konstantin Khudiakov, Honoured Artist of Russia, the President of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, asking to acknowledge our exhibition, its participants and coordinators.

Konstantin Vasilievich Khudiakov has responded to the letter of one of the most respected and famous directors of Moscow museums; the President of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia knows about our Exhibition Project from the very beginning and supports our ideas.

On the 4th of October 2014, at the opening of exhibition «No, I'm not Byron; I am yet another choice…» in «COLOURIT» Exhibition Hall, we’ll hold the ceremony to solemnly award the pressure group of Exhibition Project THE PORTRAIT OF RUSSIAN FINE WORD.

Artist Margarita Siourina,
The Author of the Project Idea: THE PORTRAIT OF RUSSIAN FINE WORD